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Liquid Force Quickness 2015

Liquid Force Quickness 2015

Kiteboard Model: Quickness
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Liquid Force
Best For
Board sizes

6’0” X 18.6” X 2.2” — 27.3 L


The Quickness from Liquid Force is a true surfboard built to withstand the extreme forces of kiting. It is a snappy board that allows you tackle all sorts of waves with ease and it is also efficient when it comes to down the line cruising or speeding. It is engineered to work perfectly with or without power from the kite. It will surf the waves no matter what.

With the new Quickness directional from Liquid force you just have to go out and surf the waves. The board features a true surf shape that ensures maximum performance in all conditions. The classic surfboard shape, with a full nose, allows it plane fast and tackle waves with ease. The slightly squared tail ensures quick and controllable turns and a perfect release.

A slight tail rocker pulled from the middle towards the back makes the board snappy, while the low entry rocker improves upwind performance. The board delivers pivotal turns, as well as excellent control. The Quickness can be used with thruster or quad fin setup, depending on your style. It tracks very well and has good grip with both setups. It is equipped with EVA deckpads and straps for excellent traction and comfort.

It is available in two different cores: BXP3 or PVC. The core is complemented by fiberglass layers, PVC deck patches and bamboo veneer.