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Liquid Force Quickness 6.0 2014

Liquid Force Quickness 6.0 2014

Kiteboard Model: Quickness
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Liquid Force
Best For
Board sizes

6’0” x 18.6” x 2.2” - 27.3 L


The Quickness 6.0 is a new member of the Liquid Force kite surfboard family. It is a powerful and reliable board, designed to excel in all surf conditions. It can catch pretty much any wave and it is fast in flats, it can surf with little or no power from the kite and it keeps you in control at all times. It is definitely intended to be the weapon of choice for the dedicated surf enthusiast.

The new 2014 Liquid Force Quickness has its design deeply rooted into surfing. It features a true surfboard outline which makes it powerful and easy to handle on the waves. It excels in small, mushy surf, but it can also tackle bigger waves with style. The full nose, combined with the surf optimized profile allows it to move fast upwind and plane quickly.

The lower rocker enhances upwind performance, while also ensuring a superior control and a good rail bite. A slight tail rocker pulled from the middle towards the back provides you with a pivotal, snappy drive. The tail is optimized to ensure a good turning control and optimal release. The Quickness can be used with thruster or quad fin setups. The quad setup improves the drive and grip, while the thruster makes it more lively and loose.

The board is built using an EPS core which assures a lighter weight and optimal flex, lightweight and durable bamboo veneer layups to boost strength, two layers of 6oz Fiberglass plus High-Density PVC Deck Patches under the front and back foot areas to withstand the extreme forces of kiting. Ultra grippy EVA top deck pads keep you comfortable and assure excellent traction.

Liquid Force Quickness 6.0 2014 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Liquid Force Quickness 6.0 2014 Reviewed on Mar 22nd 2014
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

A board that drives great in lighter winds and with little power from the kite. It planes very quickly and has a smooth and fast glide, plus it carves fast and turns quick. It works well in most surf conditions, from mushy, small waves to medium wave...more