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Litewave Storm 2011

Litewave Storm 2011

Kiteboard Model: Storm
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Litewave
Best For
Board sizes

127x38 cm
132x40 cm
137x44 cm
144x46 cm


Litewave has come up with three new board models for 2011. It may not seem an extensive series, but each of the boards is crafted using the best technology and fabrics to meet the highest quality and performance standards. The new Storm board created by Litewave performs according to its name. It is fast and powerful and nothing can stay in its way. The rider can enjoy a fast session in light wind conditions or perform any trick he wishes. The board delivers performance and fun and can be used in any conditions.

• Single concave bottom design
• 3D torsion bar tips
• Improved upwind performance
• Precision shaped core
• Lightweight construction

Litewave team has focused on power and usability when it has created the new 2011 Storm kiteboard. The goal was to develop a board which has plenty of pop, excellent top speed, accurate control, and can be handled easy by any rider. They have done a great job, and the Storm is truly an impressive board. On the Storm the rider can enjoy high jumps and extra hangtime, can run at high speeds and still have fun and feel comfortable.

The Litewave Storm has a compact shape with refined parallel outlines and slightly squared tips. This profile allows it to offer a smooth and drag free glide and feel very agile from the first moment it is set on the water. Litewave has used a very innovative concept in the tip design. The tips are enhanced by torsion bars which spread the flex on a longitudinal pattern to provide enhanced stability, grip and response. At the same time, the thinner, beveled shape of the tips prevents swing weight. The board is very easy to control and feels steady in any wind and wave conditions.

The aggressive outline maximizes the acceleration in light wind conditions and provides extra upwind performance. The rider can rely on the edges without any effort, while the board offers a direct control and it is totally reliable. A deeper, single concave bottom design provides optimal power release and increases the grip as well as the steering response. The board has plenty of pop and allows the rider to experience high jumps and extra hangtime, it lands smoothly and behaves predictable.

The Litewave team has constructed the Storm on a precision shaped Wood core structure. This structure maximizes tensile strength and flex response, and assure a light and durable construction at the same time. The Litewave Storm is available in four sizes and features unique and elegant graphic imprints. Take it out for a spin and you will love the way it performs.