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Newind Full Carbon 2013

Newind Full Carbon 2013

Kiteboard Model: Full Carbon
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Newind
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The Full Carbon twin tip line is designed by Newind especially for the new school freestyle addict, for the rider who demands pop, speed and control and wants to throw technical tricks with style. It is a very agile board that allows you express yourself out on the water exactly how you want. The board suits advanced, as well as intermediate riders.

Meet the Newind Full Carbon, the board that turns freestyle dreams into reality. It’s a board engineered to deliver pop, agility, stability and control, all wrapped into the same package. The Full Carbon is built using advanced composite materials, based on Carbon, just like its name stated.

This carbon structure makes it extremely light, but also allows it generate tons of pop and creates an optimal freestyle flex. The board takes off extremely quick and feels very agile. At the same time it has a very good rebound. It works perfectly in flat water, but it is also reliable in chop and gusts. The Full Carbon features a slightly wider and parallel outline. This profile makes it quick to plane and assures good directional stability. A slightly deeper rocker provides very good upwind performance and enhances pop.

The board holds a good edge and it is always easy to control. A great thing about this board is that it can be split in two separate pieces for easy transportation. The screw connection system is very solid and does not interfere with the board’s pop or flex.