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Newind Raceboard 2013

Newind Raceboard 2013

Kiteboard Model: Raceboard
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Newind
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Board sizes

187x69,5 cm


The Italians at Newind have designed the Raceboard for the advanced rider who competes in world class racing and slalom events and needs a reliable and efficient machine to power the ride. The board is extremely fast, but also easy to handle and very stable. In fact it can match the skills of an intermediate rider who wants to progress and can handle high speeds.

With the Newind Raceboard you can ride as fast as you want and feel in complete control. It is a racing specific board, which provides you not only with acceleration and speed, but also superior maneuverability and stability. The Raceboard features a wider outline, with a rounded diamond nose profile and squared diamond tail. It looks almost as a windsurfing racing board.

This shape allows it to plane extremely quick and gain speed very fast. The wider profile, combined with the smart volume distribution assures impressive performance even in lighter wind conditions. A fast rocker line assures very good acceleration and increased upwind performance.

The rails are engineered to give you a good bite and improve maneuverability. The bottom concave assures a smooth and clean glide, plus superior stability. The Newind Raceboard uses a thruster fin setup which assures excellent speed and perfect tracking.