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Newind Wakewave 2013

Newind Wakewave 2013

Kiteboard Model: Wakewave
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Newind
Best For
Wakestyle  Waveriding
Board sizes



The Wakewave is a different type of kiteboard. A kiteboard that provides cross-over performance. With this board you can tackle waves or perform daring wakestyle maneuvers with ease. You can thing at the Wakewave as at a directional wakestyle kiteboard.  And it is also a split board, which can be easily transported by car, train or plane. It offers you the performance of a wakeskate with straps.

The Newind Wakewave is the kiteboard that blurs the lines between waveriding and wakeboarding. It allows you ride the waves and throw stylish wake tricks. The board has an innovative shape. It resembles a directional board, but the nose and tail are mirrored. It is crafted using a tough and light full carbon structure.

This directional/twin tip symmetric outline allows you venture in surf without hassle and use the board’s pop to throw stylish tricks. The Wakewave’s profile looks like a surfboard with two symmetric noses. This is an unusual shape, but it makes the board very efficient in waves. It can surf small and even medium waves with ease and feels skatey and loose.  It can perform powerful carves and it is easy to control. A special, deeper rocker provides pop and ensures a good drive upwind.

The Wakewave runs smooth and feels well powered. It can jump, turn and glide pretty fast. The Wake wave is also a split board. It can be separated into two halves for east transportation. The connection system is based on screws and it is very solid.