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Nobile T5 2011

Nobile T5 2011

Kiteboard Model: T5
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Nobile
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Board sizes

125x38 cm
128x39 cm
131x40 cm
134x41 cm
137x42 cm
140x44 cm


The 2011 kite and kiteboard gear released by T5 is quite impressive. The three performance kites are complemented by a series of boards intended to take this extreme sport to a whole new level. The T5 board is engineered using the latest technology and the finest composites to meet the highest performance and quality standards and it is intended to offer a great freeride session.

The board packs power and speed, but it is user friendly and easy to handle. It can be used by the extreme rider or by the intermediate and beginner one looking for an exciting thrill. The board is constructed using the Human Concept technology developed by Nobile and assures that the performance of the board is in close relation with the specific requirements of the rider’s body. It is a board which delivers versatility and efficiency as well as extra fun out on the water.

Freeride is one of the most popular kiteboarding disciplines today. As more and more enthusiasts practice it and gain skills and confidence, their need for an efficient, yet easy to use board grows. The Nobile T5 is especially built to suit their needs and much more. The board is intended to offer all round freeride performance to any rider out there. It has the pop, power and speed a hardcore rider demands, and it is responsive and forgiving, so even the beginner rider can enjoy a nice ride.

From the first moment it is set on the water, the board is agile and stable. It can be used in lighter wind conditions, and performs excellent if the wind picks up. It requires very little effort to go upwind and has a very smooth glide. The T5 features a Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape which provides extra comfort and better handling. The rider can tackle any wave with no effort, while the board has a drag free slide. Additional comfort is provided by the wider stance option which also spreads the weight pressure evenly to make the board super stable.

Nobile has enhanced the board with higher flex as well as enhanced flex control. As the board reaches high speeds, the Complete AntiVibration technology increases the rail grip, making the board stable and easy to handle. The T5 also absorbs the shocks from the wave impact to keep the rider comfortable and assure a smooth session. Nobile T5 is constructed with an Elliptical Progressive Concave bottom design which assures that the board takes maximum advantage of the water flow, has plenty of grip and provides good power release. This board can be extremely stable and easy to use, but it has the boost and pop to meet the demands of hardcore riders. It offers high jumps and speeds, as well as accurate control and smooth landings.

The construction of the Nobile T5 is based on a Wood core structure and HoneyComb technology. This way, Nobile has made sure that the board is very responsive and has good flex, and it is very light yet extremely durable. The board comes in two color schemes and six sizes, and for optimal comfort, Nobile recommends that it should be used with IFS Pro footstraps.