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Nomad Prototype 2013

Nomad Prototype 2013

Kiteboard Model: Prototype
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Nomad
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle
Board sizes



The guys at Nomad brag that the Prototype twin tip is the most technologically advanced board in the world. And they are probably right. This kiteboard is designed using a special technology and the best fabrics available. It provides a perfect mix of power and ease of use and it is extremely light and durable. It is a board built for pros, but which can accommodate intermediate riders too and excels in most conditions you can think of.

The Prototype can jump, boost, glide smooth, carve and perform anything you can think of. It is a board that perfectly blends performance with comfort. The straighter outline allows it plane quickly, while the compact profile allows you throw it around with ease.

The drive rail is 8 times stiffer than the offside rail to provide the perfect balance between power and control and the flex is designed into the width of the board. This tech feature provides you with active pop and rebound. Concave and convex lines are blended into the design of the board to ensure accurate reactivity to rider input.

The board is fast carving and boosts big time. The pop is explosive and you can easily take off and perform all sorts of tricks. It is perfect for freestyle, freeride and wakestyle, no matter if you train or compete in world class events. The convex lifted toe side rail allows you edge harder when needed to increase boost power. The moderate flex pattern improves pop, but also makes the ride comfortable and helps absorb shocks.

A 7mm concave bottom section makes the glide smoother and improves stability. The Nomad Prototype is built using a flexible Airex core, carbon and Kevlar layers, S-Glass Epoxy Gel coating and impact resistant ABS rails. It can be used with straps or boots, depending on your style.