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North Free Race 2011

North Free Race 2011

Kiteboard Model: Free Race
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: North
Best For
Racing  Freeride
Board sizes

164 x 47.5cm


The freeride style gathers more and more fans which each moment that passes. At the same time there are a lot of riders out there which love a nice racing session. To cover both styles, and bridge the gap between them, North has released the Free Race. The Free Race is a very fast board which will assure a top position in any racing competition, and, at the same time has awesome freeride as well as wave riding potential. The board is available only in 164 x 47.5 cm size and features a hydrodynamic profile which allows it to reach an intense top speed very fast. The board is very easy to power up in light wind and offers top performance in most wave conditions. It is exactly what you need to suit your need for multiple style performance.

• Improved light wind abilities
• Improved jibbing and carving abilities
• Twin fin setup
• Extra durability
• Included race fins
• Included footstraps and traction pad

The 2011 Free Race board went through an extensive process of research and development. That is because the North team wanted to come up with a board which assures top performance for both freeride and racing and can be used by any rider out there without effort and hassle. And it has done a great job, since the Free Race successfully bridges the gap between the two styles and combines speed with user friendly features.

The refined rounder outline and the squared block tail allow the board to take maximum advantage of the water flow and to deliver a very fast and smooth glide. The Free Race resembles a surf board, but it is a pure freeride and racing kitesurfing machine.  The board packs extra volume an it is slightly wider to allow the rider experience high velocity in light wind conditions. And if the wind gets stronger, there is no problem. The board becomes faster, but it is still very reliable and easy to maneuver. North has used a flat rocker line to assure that the Free Race has excellent acceleration and upwind abilities and reaches an intense top speed in no time. At the same time, the twin fin setup provides an optimized power delivery and increases the grip as well as steering response. The sharper rails allow the rider to experience a fast glide and extra power boost and significantly increase control. No matter how fast the board runs, the rider is in direct control and the board provides positive feedback at any command.  The Free Race has impressive upwind abilities, performs nice carves and jibes and turns quite fast. It is very stable and reliable in all conditions and can be used with or without straps, depending on the rider’s skill and choice.

The North Free Race is constructed on a Custom Epoxy Wood Sandwich technology which increases the board’s stiffness and durability and assures a lightweight structure at the same time. For optimal performance, the manufacturer recommends that the board should be used with especially designed North race fins.