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North XRide 2011

North XRide 2011

Kiteboard Model: XRide
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: North
Best For
Waveriding  Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

129 x 38.0cm - 2.1kg
133 x 39.0cm - 2.4kg
136 x 40.0cm - 2.6kg
141 x 41.5cm - 2.7kg


When we think at North kiteboarding we think at high performance gear, kites and boards suited for world champs. Indeed, North boards have propelled quite a few pro riders to the top positions at worldwide events, but they are available for anyone who wishes to “taste” the ultimate performance. The 2011 XRide board went through a long process of research and development and has been enhanced with the latest technology and tweaks to take freeride, freestyle and wave riding to a whole new dimension.

The board has excellent power and speed and it is highly maneuverable. It is a perfect choice for beginner and pro riders alike. At the same time the board performs flawless in all wind conditions and on all terrains. It has plenty of pop for the extreme riders who love speed, high jumps and extra hangtime, and it is forgiving and easy to use for the beginner rider who wishes to enjoy a fun session or try progression moves.

The North XRide has proven over the years to be an excellent all round, all terrain kiteboard. Wind or no wind, high or small waves, the board will offer a unique freeride, wave riding or freestyle session. It blends power and control to make any ride worthwhile. Since the board was very successful the past years, and riders loved the way it performed, North team has decided to continue the XRide legacy with a new model for 2011.

It is based on the previous successful blue print, but it is enhanced with innovative technology and features which make it even more efficient out on the waves. The XRide is one of the most efficient boards available on the market today. The ergonomic shape and the refined profile allow the rider to enjoy a smooth, fast and drag free glide. Once it is set on the water the board is very dynamic and the new G10 S-bend fins used by North increase the power delivery as well as the grip. The rider has plenty of pop for high jumps and extra lift time and can run at impressive speeds, while the board is super responsive and accurate. The full concave bottom design and the rounder rails combined with the smoother flex make the board take maximum advantage of the water flow and significantly increase stability and maneuverability. The curved outline and the progressive rocker line boost the board at incredible speeds through the water and allow the rider to perform hardcore tricks easy and without too much effort. The board turns fast, jumps high and runs at insane speeds, but has top control at all times. This control is drastically improved by the wood sandwich structure and the smooth flex technology used to construct the board. The tips are improved to absorb shocks and assure accurate and smooth landings, while the enhanced scoop rocker line adds extra upwind and early planning potential.

The board is fast and easy to control, but very comfortable at the same time due to the use of easy to adjust 3D footpads. The North team has managed to balance perfectly the weight to strength ratio, and the board is extra durable and light at the same time.