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Ocean Rodeo JT Pro Freestyle 2013

Ocean Rodeo JT Pro Freestyle 2013

Kiteboard Model: JT Pro
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Ocean Rodeo
Best For
Board sizes

132x40 cm

138x42 cm



The Ocean Rodeo JT Pro is Jeremie Tronet's signature model Freestyle board, a board designed to suit the needs of competitive and dedicated riders who take part in world class events. The board blends awesome pop, excellent speed and accurate control in one design, thing that makes it a versatile and highly efficient freestyle weapon.

The hydrodynamic outline, featuring wider hips and narrower tips, provides smooth rail to rail transitions, top control when edging and a smooth glide. A quick rocker makes it fast and sharp in most conditions. The board gets very easy on a plane and pushes upwind with lots of power.

The board has an optimal flex and it is able to deliver huge pop when loaded. However, landings are very smooth and won’t shatter your knees. Riding the Ocean Rodeo JT Pro Freestyle is like driving a powerful sports car. The board is precise and fast, yet very quick to respond to rider input. A cool thing about this board is that it offers the same top performance when used with conventional foot straps or new school boot bindings. The rider can choose his favorite style.

Ocean Rodeo has crafted the JT Pro Freestyle using a blended wood core, Duraclear top and bottom treatments and ABS rails. This structure is light but very durable and the board can handle severe punishment with ease.