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RRD Asso Pigliatutto K 2013

RRD Asso Pigliatutto K 2013

Kiteboard Model: Asso Pigliatutto K
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: RRD
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The new Asso Pigliatutto K is the board of choice for the traveler. It is designed to cover a wide range of styles and conditions and can put a smile on your face on each session. Here’s what Roberto Ricci himself says about this board: “This is the board that I travel with. If I go on a trip and need to minimize the amount of equipment the AssoK is my board. I can use it for surfing, riding strapless , with straps in onshore and choppy waters and in case the wind is light I can use it as a freeride lightwind machine. No other boards in the line have such a range. Love it.”

It is indeed a board that offers exceptional progressive performance and can handle anything you throw at it. A special V bottom provides easy rail to rail transitions and assures optimal stability and a smooth glide. The board features a narrower, pin shape tail which improves overall control and makes turning much easier. The wider nose increases early planing performance and provides more speed over flat sections. It can be used with quad or thruster fin setup, depending on the rider’s choice.

The RRD Asso Pigliatutto K can handle all sorts of waves and can take care of all marginal wind conditions with ease. It is built using a PU/Bamboo/Carbon/polyester resin structure which makes it light and durable and assures the perfect amount of flex. The RRD Asso Pigliatutto K can also be used as a surfboard when you get tired of piloting the kite.

RRD Asso Pigliatutto K 2013 Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
RRD Asso Pigliatutto K 2013 Reviewed on May 2nd 2013
Rating: 3.0 out of 5

runs fine in onshore sloppy waves. it's also good when the wind drops and you need speed. it carves nicely and can catch waves relatively easy. it's also responsive and playful. turning can be tricky. if you sit too far forward, you can catc...more

RRD Asso Pigliatutto K 2013 Reviewed on Apr 24th 2013
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

you can kite it or surf it. my choice is kite. after a couple of sessions with the asso, i find it fast, quite fast for the volume. it's pretty stiff, so there is no wonder it goes fast when you push it. it has a flat rocker so it feels loose an...more