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RRD Bliss 2013

RRD Bliss 2013

Kiteboard Model: Bliss
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: RRD
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle
Board sizes

133x39 cm

135x40.5 cm

137x42 cm

139x43.5 cm


Seb Garat has only one thing to say about the new 2013 RRD Bliss: “Simple, Fast and maneuverable, the BLISS got all the features a rider needs on his «one and only» board. Have fun with safety and control.” And he is absolutely right.

This board can deliver outstanding freeride and freestyle performance, regardless of your skill level. It is perfect for the riders who want to learn the secrets of these styles and has the power to help them progress with ease. The board features a user friendly shape which assures top control and an excellent upwind performance. It also offers excellent early planing performance and smooth rail to rail transitions.

The optimal flex allows it to drive smoothly in chop and keeps the rider comfortable at all times. Landings are always smooth and precise. The board is also very easy to keep under control, even when performing advanced tricks. Four FLOW 5 G-10 improve upwind performance and assure a good grip at all times.

The RRD Bliss is built using a Full Laminar wood core combined with Biaxial glass layers and ABS sidewalls plus a UVR deck and bottom sheet. This construction makes it light, responsive and durable. It comes with fins and Screwit System V2 + Assy Strap V2.