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RRD Milk 2011

RRD Milk 2011

Kiteboard Model: Milk
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: RRD
Best For
Board sizes

120x50 cm


As kiteboarding becomes very popular all over the world, the styled of this extreme sport get more diversified. Apart from the classic freeride, wave riding and freestyle discipline, skimboarding has also grown in popularity. As riders who love this style need a dedicated board, the RRD team has come up with the Milk. The board is the perfect solution for the rider looking for some strapless action or for some skating fun. It is very agile and glides smoothly through the waves. If you wish to practice skimboarding, the Milk is the perfect board for you.

The 2011 RRD board lineup is extensive and impressive at the same time. The RRD team has come up with a large series of boards, developed by using the latest technology and the best composites to make sure that it will meet the highest quality and performance standards. Every rider, regardless of skill and style is guaranteed to find the perfect board to suit his requirements.

Apart from the classic kiteboarding styles, skimboarding has become a very popular discipline and gathers more and more fans each season. Practically skimboarding requires the kite and a special board which offers extra strapless performance and has similar but smaller shape as a surfboard. The RRD team has created the Milk exactly with this purpose. As RRD says, “Add it to your coffee”, meaning that this board will deliver tons of fun out on the waves. The board features a wider nose, wider hips and a slightly squared tail.

It has a refined, curved outline, and this profile makes it very lively and dynamic. The rider can perform technical moves or have fun without any effort. The board packs enough volume to offer increased floatability and stability in any wave conditions. At the same time it can be powered up easily when the wind barely blows. The board is quite powerful and reaches a nice top speed. It turns fast and offers great jumps, as well as an accurate control. It has no pads and straps and it is intended for the rider who loves strapless fun and can handle such a board. At the same time it can be used for excellent skating on flat waters. The board has a good grip even if it doesn’t have a fin setup and the deck is enhanced to prevent feet slips. RRD has used a new technology when it has developed the Milk.

The board uses a full Laminar Wood Core and top and bottom Formica sheet. This structure makes it very durable and light at the same time. It also makes it more responsive and snappy in all wind and wave conditions. If you love skimboarding and wish to have some alternative action fun, the RRD Milk is just what you are looking for. The board is available only in 123x50 centimeters size and has an elegant graphic design.