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RRD Poison Camo 2011

RRD Poison Camo 2011

Kiteboard Model: Poison Camo
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: RRD
Best For
Board sizes

130x38 cm

131x39 cm

132x40 cm

133x41 cm

134x42 cm

135x43 cm


Freestyle has grown into a very popular kiteboarding style. As a large number of enthusiasts practice this discipline, their need for an efficient board is more and more demanding. RRD has created the Poison Camo especially for them. It is the board which excels at freestyle in any conditions. The board packs speed and pop, and it is easy to handle in any conditions. It can get you airborne without effort, it reaches impressive speeds and offers a direct and precise control. It is the perfect tool for the advanced and experienced freestyler, but it can be used without problems by less experience riders. 

The RRD Poison Camo went through an extensive process of research and development before the market release. RRD wanted to create a board which performs awesome for any freestyler out there and it has done a great job. The board is constructed using the best fabrics and the latest technology to meet all the standard and performance standards. It is powerful and fast, and it unleashes true force out on the waves.

At the same time a less experienced rider will appreciate the increased maneuverability and stability it offers. The board has a hydrodynamic shape and a compact outline which assures a smooth and fast glide. At the same time the board is enhanced to absorb the wave impact shocks for a more comfortable ride. It has almost no spray and feels very lively under the feet.

The board has plenty of pop, performs nice jumps and offers extra hangtime. The bottom design assures soft landings and provides optimal power release. The board has a very accurate control and it is stable even at high speeds or in big winds. The board can be a bit aggressive when it is fully powered, but it is still easy to handle. A fast rocker improves the upwind and acceleration abilities, while the tough rails assure excellent steering. The rider can perform any trick or ride as fast as he wishes, while the board is reliable and behaves predictable. The Flow 5 G 10 fins are used to increase the grip in bottom turns and optimize the power delivery. RRD Poison Camo has indeed all it takes to offer performance and fun when it comes to freestyle.

 RRD has constructed the board using a new technology. The Duraclear screened and polished deck assures extra durability as well as UV and abrasion protection. The board is constructed on a Laminar Wood core with ABS sidewalls. This structure makes the board robust, assures optimal flex response and a light weight.