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RRD Style Biax 2013

RRD Style Biax 2013

Kiteboard Model: Style Biax
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: RRD
Best For
Board sizes

132x37 cm

134x38 cm

136x39 cm

137x40 cm

138x41 cm

139x42 cm

140x43 cm


The RRD Style Biax is designed to make freestyle accessible to all riders out there. The design of the Style Biax borrows a few features from that of the successful Style V2 which is an explosive freestyle machine. But the Style Biax is based on a different construction tech and it is more forgiving and comfortable. It is a board that riders new to freestyle or those who want to progress will love.

With the RRD Style Biax you can enjoy a cool freestyle session in a wide range of conditions and you don’t even need to be an expert. It is quite a forgiving board, easy to handle and responsive that allows you learn new tricks or perfect your style with ease.

The Style Biax sports a slightly larger shape which allows it move fast upwind and plane quickly. It features an increased flex pattern that makes the ride very comfortable even in chop. The board is comfortable but able to boost big time. The softer flex, combined with the slightly concave tips, provides soft and predictable landings. The concave bottom delivers a smooth glide and improves stability.

The increased outline length assures good directional stability plus softer rides and landings. The board features wider stance options suitable for more advanced riders. It is built using an exclusive AUTOCLAVE moulding technology and ONLY with PRE PREG Biax fibers which makes extremely responsive and maneuverable.