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Shinn Capri GT 2011

Shinn Capri GT 2011

Kiteboard Model: Capri GT
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Shinn
Best For
Waveriding  Freeride
Board sizes

140x41 cm


The 2011 kiteboard line released by Shinn is extensive and impressive. The large number of board models allows any rider to choose the one which suit him best. At the same time all board are constructed from the finest fabrics and using the latest technology, so they are guaranteed to offer top performance and quality. The Capri GT is the perfect board for any rider who loves wave riding. It is powerful and fast, easy to control and user friendly and it offers tons of fun. It is perfect for flat water and small wave conditions and performs excellent in a wide range of wind conditions.

• Flat tail rocker
• One size fits all
• Increased carving performance
• Increased light wind performance
• FS mould technology
• Alabasia wood core

The Capri GT is part of the directional series of boards which comes to complement the twin tip one. The board’s design is intended to offer both fun and performance for the wave riding enthusiasts. The board features a surfboard style shape, with a fuller nose, wider hips and a narrower, swallowed, fish shaped tail. This profile, combined with the longer and curved outline makes it very hydrodynamic and agile.

The board performs excellent is small waves and on flat water. At the same time it packs some extra volume, so it floats really nice and it can be used without problems in light wind conditions. The board packs plenty of power, it can reach a fast speed and it is easy to use at the same time. The rails provide excellent control and assure a good grip. The board turns fast and tight, but it is stable and reliable. The central concave bottom design assures that the board takes maximum advantage of the water flow and offers a progressive power delivery. The power is optimized by the tail, which also increases the steering responsiveness.

The Shinn Capri GT uses a slightly lifted nose which allows the rider to tackle any wave without effort. The flat tail rocker provides excellent upwind performance and offers instant acceleration. The optimized flex of the board delivers a direct and precise control and makes the board quite snappy. It has plenty of pop for the rider who loves extreme maneuvers or likes to jump and hang. The FS moulding technology assures extra flex towards the outer area of the board, while the inner section is rigid and assures optimal stability. Capri GT uses a G10 fin setup which assures optimal power control and increased grip at high speeds and in tight turns.

The board is constructed on an Alabasia core and use glass layups to assure a balanced weight to strength ratio. At the same time, this structure provides optimal flex and flex response.  To make sure that the rider feels comfortable through the entire ride, Shinn has equipped the Capri GT with a soft and easy to adjust EVA binding system, created to fit perfectly the size and shape of the feet. If you are looking for fun in light wind, small waves or flat waters, the Shinn Capri GT is the perfect choice for you. 

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