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Shinn Gintronic 2011

Shinn Gintronic 2011

Kiteboard Model: Gintronic
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Shinn
Best For
Board sizes

126 x 38 cm
128 x 39 cm
130 x 40 cm
133 x 42 cm


Shinn has become one of the most acclaimed kiteboard manufacturers today. Their team spends a lot of effort and time to create boards which meet the requirements of any rider out there as well as the highest performance and quality standards. There are advanced riders and beginners out there, and they all wish to have fun out on the waves. The new 2011 Gintronic is the perfect board for each of them. It is powerful, fast, but user friendly and forgiving at the same time. It suits all riders, regardless of style and skill level.

• Curved rocker
• 3D shaping technology
• Alabasia Wood core
• Increased light wind performance
• Increased upwind performance
• Comes complete with footstraps, fins, footbeds and grab handle

The Shinn Gintronic went through an extensive process of research and development. The board is intended to excel at more than one style and to suit any type of rider. The Shinn team has done a great job, as the Gintronic is easy to use and super stable, and offers power and speed at the same time. It can be used for freestyle, freeride and even wave riding and suits beginner and experienced riders alike. If there would be a special name for this type of board it will definitely be funboard. From the first moment the Gintronic is set on the water you can sense that it will offer a great “funboarding” session.

The ergonomic shape and the compact outline make the Gintronic sprint fast and smooth across the ware surface. Shinn has used a bilateral flex mould to make sure that the board is extremely accurate and offers a proper flex response. The board has a nice pop and gets the rider jumping and hanging without any effort. It feels very dynamic, but it is stable and reliable. The board is engineered with a varied constant curved rocker. This feature combined with the smooth outline increases the planning, upwind and top speed potential.

The oval shape of the board based on a Squova moulding is engineered to deliver maximum comfort and flex response. The board is rigid in the feet area to maintain excellent stability and optimal control, while the tips are flexible and assure extra pop. At the same time, the rider can tackle any wave with confidence, while the board absorbs all the wave impact shocks. The concave bottom design allows the board to take maximum advantage of the water flow and offer excellent power release as well as increased grip. The board turns fast and has a high speed, but it is steady at all times. Shinn has equipped the Gintronic with the Sneaker binding system. This system is soft and flexible, provides smooth landings and assures the perfect connection between the rider and the board.

The Shinn Gintronic is constructed on an Alabasia wood core structure which provides increased flex and it is eco friendly. This structure also balances the weight to strength ratio and makes the board light and virtually indestructible. The board comes in four sizes and it is perfect for a wide wind range.