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Slingshot Alien Twister FX 2015

Slingshot Alien Twister FX 2015

Kiteboard Model: Alien Twister FX
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Slingshot
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The Slingshot Alien Twister FX is a new generation type of kite surfboard, aimed towards the intermediate to expert riders who ride aggressively and are focused on speed, sharp turns and cool airs. This board is guaranteed to take your ride to the next level. It’s perfect for stylish technical maneuvers, but forgiving enough to let you progress fast.

The new Alien Twister FX from Slingshot is inspired by the Ankle Biter and the T-Rex surfboards, but stands in a class of its own. It features a progressive shape that provides a perfect blend of speed, power and maneuverability. The short length of the board allows you fit it perfectly into the pocket and the concave deck provides a skatey feel and offers you superior maneuverability.

At the same time, a smart volume distribution provides good power in less than ideal winds and assures a good float. The narrower, truncated nose improves control in challenging situations and the wider, swallow tail provides excellent turns and a good balance. A double concave hull with a subtle V spine ensures perfect transitions from edge to edge and makes the ride stable and agile.

The Alien Twister FX is also quick to plane and easy to ride upwind. A quad fin setup provides excellent tracking and good grip, plus a very solid drive. The board can be also used with a twin fin setup. The board incorporates Slingshot’s Fluid X Vibration Dampening system which reduces vibration for a more comfortable and secure ride and assures optimal flex and response thanks to an anti-torsion feature.