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Slingshot Ankle Biter FX 2015

Slingshot Ankle Biter FX 2015

Kiteboard Model: Ankle Biter FX
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Slingshot
Best For
Lightwind  Waveriding
Board sizes



The Ankle Biter FX from Slingshot blends user friendly characteristics as well as speed and power into the same package. It is a board aimed towards entry level and intermediate riders who want to learn new moves and progress quickly. The Ankle Biter provides them with superior stability and control in virtually any conditions.

With the Slingshot Ankle Biter FX you can benefit from the stability and confidence to ride that a larger board offers, but also make tight turns in the pocket and feel completely in control. The Ankle Biter excels in small surf conditions, but can also handle medium waves.

The Ankle Biter FX design is based on the proven Space Pickle platform and it makes the board dynamic and easy to ride. Thanks to its wider, shorter and oval shape, the board is easy to maneuver in various types of surf. The optimal volume distribution provides exceptional floatability and superior light wind performance. It also adds stability to the ride. The double concave with an aggressive V spine through the tail allows for looser transition from edge to edge.

The board is equipped with a quad fin setup that ensures excellent tracking and grip. It can also be used with a twin fin setup. The board features Slingshot’s Fluid X Vibration Dampening system which reduces vibration for a more comfortable and secure ride and assures optimal flex and response thanks to an anti-torsion feature. It is built using a light EPS core plus the Fluid X layer and glass, PVC foam and bamboo layers.