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Slingshot Asylum 2015

Slingshot Asylum 2015

Kiteboard Model: Asylum
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Slingshot
Best For
Board sizes

134 cm

138 cm

141 cm


The Asylum is the kind of board that will appeal especially to hardcore and experienced riders who demand optimal pop and control in all conditions. It is a board that can easily accommodate intermediate to expert riders and excels in a wide range of conditions. New for 2015, the board is crafted using an innovative technology that maximizes its performance and makes it more powerful and controllable.

If you demand extreme pop and precise control to power your rides, the 2015 Slingshot Asylum is the board for you. It is a twin tip that delivers exceptional freestyle, wakestyle and even freeride performance. The hydrodynamic shape of the board, combined with a freestyle outline makes it fast and quick to plane.

Precision laser cut channels are used to improve the drive and offer superior upwind performance. They also provide excellent tracking in all conditions. The channels also allow for easy take offs and smoother landings, plus increased stability. A progressive rocker maximizes the board’s upwind performance and assures top control.

Chined Plane Rails prevent spray and reduce the contact with water for a smoother glide and better edging control. An elliptical concave bottom optimizes edge to edge response and makes the ride stable and smooth. The Asylum is built using an Atomic full wood core that ensures perfect pop and flex and makes the board light, durable and responsive.