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Slingshot Glide 2011

Slingshot Glide 2011

Kiteboard Model: Glide
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Slingshot
Best For
Lightwind  Freeride
Board sizes

149 x 45.5 cm


The new kiteboard lineup introduced by Slingshot for the 2011 season is quite extensive and impressive. Their team has developed a large series of models which are ready to meet the needs of any rider out there. It doesn’t matter if you love twin tip boards, skim boards or surf ones, because the Slingshot models are varied and cover all styles and skills. The new Glide board is just what you need if you plan on having a great freeride session in light wind conditions. The innovative construction and new design make it a powerful weapon. It is very light and agile, quite powerful, and has an unmatched control.

Freeride is perhaps the most popular kiteboarding discipline. A huge number of riders love and practice freeride, and they need a reliable and versatile board to help them achieve outstanding performance. The new Slingshot Glide is created especially for that and it does even more. It is the perfect board for less than perfect wind conditions. When the other riders sit on the beach and hope for the wind to pick up, you don’t have to do that anymore. The Glide will get you running really fast when the breeze barely blows.

The board features a wider shape, featuring parallel outlined and slightly squared tips. This profile makes it very dynamic and assures a fast and smooth glide. The board excels in light wind conditions, but it is reliable if the wind picks up. The Fusion Tech Rails assure extra durability and allow the rider to experience fast steering response while a new rocker and the refined outline provide excellent upwind and planning abilities. The board has quite some power and can get you jumping high and hanging for a long time.

At the same time it is predictable and easy to handle. Landings are smooth and the rider can perform any trick without worrying about losing control. The Slingshot Glide is built using the innovative Radioactive Pop Core and Resin X technology. This construction makes the board very stable and responsive, assures the right amount of flex and stiffness and provides extra pop when needed. At the same time, Slingshot team has managed to create the perfect balance between weight and strength using the Slingshot Legendary Bomber Construction. The board is very light, but can take all the possible punishment without sustaining damage.

The Fastrack mounting system assures the perfect bond between the rider’s feet and board and increases the overall performance and comfort. The G10 symmetrical fins optimize the power delivery and assure extra grip in tight turns and at high speeds. Slingshot Glide is fast and powerful, fun and easy to control, and it will offer you the feeling of ultimate freedom out on the waves.