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Slingshot Tyrant 2015

Slingshot Tyrant 2015

Kiteboard Model: Tyrant
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Slingshot
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The Tyrant is designed for everyday use in real world conditions. It is a kite surfboard that can easily accommodate intermediate and expert riders that want to charge waves with style and progress fast. The board offers them a perfect speed and control in all types of waves. It is also a versatile board in less than ideal wind conditions.

With the Slingshot Tyrant you won’t have any trouble in ripping the waves with style. This all-round wave board handles small surf and big waves and delivers a nice energy in marginal winds. The Tyrant sports a classic surfboard-like shape that makes it extremely maneuverable and smooth to glide.

The narrower nose profile allows you pierce the waves with ease, while the rounded thumb tail provides quick and controllable turns and an optimal release. The board features a deep single to double concave bottom shape which assures increased stability and a very smooth drive. Combined with the surf rocker, it ensures superior planing and upwind performance. The Tyrant is equipped with a thruster fin setup which assures excellent speed, good grip and a very nice drive.

Slingshot’s Fluid X Vibration Dampening system reduces vibration for a more comfortable and secure ride. This system also adds an anti-torsion property that ensures optimal flex and response. The Tyrant is built using a light EPS core, the Fluid X layer, glass, PVC foam and bamboo layers.