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Spleene Fun Tech Line 2011

Spleene Fun Tech Line 2011

Kiteboard Model: Fun Tech Line
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Spleene
Best For
Board sizes

150 x 42 cm
160 x 44 cm


Kiteboarding has become a very appreciated and popular extreme sport. Each season gathers a huge number of enthusiasts who love practicing it. With the evolution of this sport, the design technology of kiteboarding gear has evolved also. Manufacturers use innovative features and new tweaks to make their equipment more versatile and efficient, but sometimes simpler is better. The new Fun Tech Line boards created by Spleene for 2011 are based on simplicity and usability. Kiteboarding is about performance but also about fun, and the new Fun Tech Line takes care of both.

The 2011 board line released by Spleene impresses not because of the large number of models, but due to the incredible features these boards have. The High Tech, RS and Fun Tech lines of boards are constructed by using amazing technology and intended to suit the specific needs of all riders out there. Freeride is perhaps the most popular kiteboarding discipline, and if you love it and need a board which can offer both fun and efficiency, you have to take a look at the new Fun Tech Line.

When it has created the Fun Tech Line, Spleene team has focused on power and control, but mostly on usability. The Fun Tech boards can be used by any rider in any wind and wave conditions. They have the power and pop an advanced rider is looking for, and they are forgiving and easy to use by the less experienced rider. The compact shapes, featuring longer outlines increases the longitudinal stability of the board and assures a smooth and drag free glide.

Spleene has crafted the Fun Tech Line using a cold molded 3D Wood core to make sure the boards are highly durable and very light at the same time. This structure also increases the tensile strength and assures a perfect flex response. The boards are enhanced by the Full Suspension Tips technology developed by Spleene and based on optimal flex around the fin area. This feature increases the accuracy of the boards and allows them to absorb any shock. This way the rider can tackle any wave with no worries. Another innovative feature is the Dynamic Flex Control. The Fiberglass layers have a special positioning which assures excellent control and maximum comfort throughout the entire ride.

The 3D shape of the board makes it very lively from the first moment it is set on the water, but also improves stability and grip. The freerider can perform any move he wishes or run at high speeds whenever he wants, while the Spleene Fun Tech Line boards behave predictable, respond without flow and are completely safe. Both advanced and beginner riders can now enjoy a great freeride session together with a great board.