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Spleene High Tech Rip Line 2011

Spleene High Tech Rip Line 2011

Kiteboard Model: High Tech Rip
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Spleene
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

134cm x 39.5cm
137cm x 41.5cm
140cm x 45.5cm


2011 is the year of innovations in the world of kiteboarding. This extreme sport has become highly appreciated and very popular, and now it gathers a huge number of fans. As the number of riders increases, their needs become more and more demanding. Spleene has released the new board line intended to meet all these needs. The High Tech Rip Line is the new series of boards created to offer the ultimate performance. Built using top technology and the best available composites, the High Tech Rip boards are fast, powerful and reliable.

When it comes to Kiteboarding performance, Spleene team makes no compromise. They spend a lot of time and effort in the process of research and development of any new piece of equipment to make sure it will meet the highest performance and quality standards once it is released on the market. It is the case of the new 2011 High Tech Rip Line of boards, which are guaranteed to offer maximum efficiency and versatility.

A completely new construction technology assures the perfect blend of control, speed, power and durability. The Rip board is quite powerful and can get a bit aggressive when it is used by an extreme rider, but it also provides excellent comfort and safety. The hydrodynamic shape and refined outline assure a smooth glide and make it very snappy. Sppleene has used full center rail and tucked under rail to make sure this board offers absolute control in any situations. The sharp bend in the rounded rail also assures increased top speed.

The side lifting of the rail increases the board’s stability in choppy waves. This way even a less experienced rider can feel confident and perform any move he wishes. The Rip is enhanced by Spleene HDF (High Definition Technology) which assures optimal flex response and allows the rider to tackle any wave without any effort at all. The Active Channel Tip used by Spleene assures extra grip. The board reaches an intense speed and it turns fast, but doesn’t lose grip in any situation.  With the Spleene High Tech Rip board, the rider can experience incredible jumps and lifts, high speeds and feel free and confident. The board responds accurately to any command and it is stable and predictable.

Spleene has used an innovative construction technology to make sure this board is both durable and light. It is based on a cold molded twin tip 3D wood core combined with carbon laminate layups. This structure balances the weight to strength ratio and assures the optimal flex and stiffness. If you need performance and reliability out on the waves, the Spleene High Tech Rip Line is ready to deliver.