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Spleene High Tech Session Line 2011

Spleene High Tech Session Line 2011

Kiteboard Model: High Tech Line Session
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Spleene
Best For
Lightwind  Freeride
Board sizes

141x43 cm


For 2011 Spleene has come up with a new series of boards intended to take performance to an entire new level. They have used a new technology in the development of the 2011 board models to make sure they can satisfy the needs of the most demanding riders out there. The High tech Line as it is called is divided in three models: Rip, Session and Door. The Session High Tech Line is intended for the power user who loves high speeds, high lifts and big jumps. It is fast and has plenty of pop, but it also offers extra stability and the perfect control. Advanced and Pro riders can now perform the most spectacular moves without any effort.

The High Tech Line of boards created by Spleene for the 2011 season impress with their efficiency and versatility. The innovative technology used in the process of research and development and the skills of the Spleene team prove unbeatable once again. The High Tech Line Session is the perfect choice for any rider who wants to perform outstanding in less than perfect conditions. If the breeze barely blows and all the other riders sit on the beach and wait for the wind to pick up, you don’t have to do the same thing.

Get the Session and throw it into the water. The board will do the rest. It is lively, snappy and has an unmatched control. With this board light wind conditions are no longer a challenge. The Spleene High Tech Line Session has a compact shape and optimized outlines which allow the rider to experience nice speeds and perform amazing tricks in light wind. If the wind picks up, you don’t need to go back at the beach and switch boards, because the Session is reliable and stable.

Spleene has constructed the Session using a cold molded 3D Wood core combined with Carbon laminate layups to assure the perfect balance between strength and weight. The High Definition Flex technology enhances the board with the perfect flex response. The fuller center rail of the board allows the rider to experience a smooth glide and minimizes the drag. At the same time, the tucked under edge rail and beveled rail design deliver increased top speed and excellent control in all wave conditions. Another unique feature is the Active tip channel, which assures the optimal grip at high speeds or in tight turns. The Spleene High Tech Line Session is quite powerful and delivers high jumps and lifts. At the same time it has smooth landings and it is easy to control.

The rider can perform any trick and run at high speed without worrying about losing control even for a second. The board behaves predictable and feels robust and steady under your feet. Wind or no wind, the Spleene High Tech Line Session is guaranteed to offer both performance and fun out on the waves.