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SU2 Freestyler White 2011

SU2 Freestyler White 2011

Kiteboard Model: Freestyler White
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: SU2
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle
Board sizes

130 x 41 cm

132 x 41 cm

135 x 41 cm


The 2011 SU2 boards are crafted according to the highest performance and quality standards. They went through a serious process of research and development and extensive testing and are ready to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding riders out there. The new Freestyler White is a fast and powerful, yet forgiving board. It is designed with specific focus on freestyle performance, but it performs great at freeride too. The board can be used in a wide range of wind and wave conditions and it can be used by hardcore riders as well as by less experienced ones.

The SU2 team is dedicated to bring performance close to perfection when it comes to kiteboarding. Every single board crafted by SU2 is carefully tuned and optimized to suit specific styles and skill levels. The 2011 Freestyler White blends power, pop, speed and control to offer the ultimate freestyle thrill. Although the board is especially intended for freestyle it also works great for riders who like a fast freeride session. The board has a compact shape, a slightly wider outline and features custom shaped tips.

This profile makes it very dynamic and generates a fast and smooth glide. The SU2 Freestyler White packs plenty of power and pop and offers huge jumps and extra hangtime. What is really impressive about the Freestyler White is that it provides absolute control in any situation. It uses a deep elliptic concave bottom design and a new rocker line which assure good planning and upwind performance, but most important, make the board very accurate. The rider can enjoy big jumps, fast turns and intense top speed while the board is responsive and reacts predictably.

The new Anti-vibration II Generation technology implemented by SU2 improves the comfort of the ride and assures that the board absorbs any shocks resulted from wave impacts. Extra comfort is added by the soft silicone pads and easy adjustable straps. The Thin Edge and System Active Edge technology make the board very accurate and assure effortless edging and smooth rail to rail transitions. A G10 fin setup is used to optimize the power delivery and improve the grip.

The SU2 team has crafted the Freestyler White using a Wood and PVC foam core, complemented by additional Epoxy Glass laminate. This structure makes the board extremely light and durable and provides the optimal freestyle and freeride flex pattern. The board is protected against abrasion and UV light damage by a special outer layer.