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SU2 Prorider Neuron White 2011

SU2 Prorider Neuron White 2011

Kiteboard Model: Prorider Neuron White
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: SU2
Best For
Board sizes

132 x 41 cm

135 x 41 cm

137 x 43 cm


The SU2 Prorider Neuron White 2011 is the kind of board which can handle the requirements of the most demanding riders. It blends power, speed and pop with accurate control and stability and suits a wide range of styles and skills. The board is engineered using durable and lightweight composites and according to the highest performance and quality standards. The board can be used for casual rides by intermediate riders as well as for competitions and hardcore tricks.

• Composite Core
• Epoxy Glass Laminate
• Anti-Vibration Technology
• System Active Edge
• Thin Edge
• Silicone Pads
• G10 Fins

The 2011 SU2 board range is designed to suit all riders out there. Each board model was carefully engineered to handle specific riding styles and skills. The Prorider Neuron White is SU2’s premier freestyle board. It is fast and powerful and has a very accurate control. The board is built with specific focus on the needs of pro and experienced riders, but is can be used by intermediate riders looking for a nice freestyle thrill as well. It has a compact shape, featuring a slightly wider outline which generates a smooth and fast glide and keeps the board steady on the water surface.

A specific freestyle flex pattern generates explosive pop and gets the rider airborne without effort. The board is equipped with G10 fins which improve grip and optimize the power delivery. The wider spacing of the fins allows the rider to experience fast turns, while the thinner edge profile improve steering and control. The rider can perform the most spectacular moves with minimum input.

The System Active Edge and Thin Edge technologies improve the acceleration and control as well as the upwind potential of the board. A new rocker line makes the board very dynamic and assures a smooth glide. SU2 has implemented the innovative AVG – Ant-vibration II Generation System which suppresses any shock resulted from rough landing and wave impacts to maximize the comfort of the ride. Extra comfort is added by the soft Silicone foot pads.

The SU2 Prorider Neuron White is constructed using a hybrid Wood and PVC core combined with durable Epoxy Glass Laminate layups. On the outside the board is protected against UV light and abrasion damage by a special foil. This structure makes the board extremely light and virtually indestructible.

SU2 Prorider Neuron White 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
SU2 Prorider Neuron White 2011 Reviewed on Sep 20th 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

This board rocks in choppy conditions. It has an increased roicker and concave design which keeps it stable and easy to control. It glides very fast and smooth. Feels lively and turns really fast. Binding system is very versatile. Keep the fee...more