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Tona Flow 2014

Tona Flow 2014

Kiteboard Model: Flow
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Tona
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle
Board sizes

136x42 cm

140x43.3 cm

144x44.5 cm


The Flow is a joy to ride, as the guys at Tona Boards say. Indeed, this board is smooth in chop, easy to power, has a nice pop and lands very soft. It is a board that performs great in a multitude of situations and can accommodate a wide variety of riders and styles. With the Flow you can perform big airs, hit sliders and kickers or even tackle the waves.

With the Tona Flow, you can experience the joy of kiteboarding over more than one style. It is a twin tip that feels fluid in turns, offers superior pop and edge control and can be ridden aggressively whenever you want. As a matter of fact, the Flow is Andre Phillip’s favorite board thanks to its pop, its smooth ride through chop and soft landings.

The Flow features a Hourglass bottom design. This innovative design blends different rocker curves throughout the bottom of the board while maintaining a proven continuous rocker along the rail. Thanks to this design, you can achieve the level of bite or fluidity you are looking for by simply applying pressure on different parts of the deck. This bottom shape also ensures a superior stability.

A special rocker is used to enhance pop and assure a perfect upwind performance. The Tona Flow comes with 0.8" Slider fins. These fins are long and shallow and provide the same grip as deeper, conventional fins, but also allow you hit sliders and kickers without worries. The Flow uses a sintered UHMW slider base. It makes it virtually unbreakable.