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Tona Pop 2013

Tona Pop 2013

Kiteboard Model: Pop
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Tona
Best For
Freestyle  Wakestyle
Board sizes

133x40.5 cm

138x41.5 cm

142x42.75 cm


The Tona Pop is a cross over power style twin tip. It is engineered to deliver awesome energy in order to power the most daring tricks and technical maneuvers. This is a competition grade kiteboard, perfect for wakestyle and powered freestyle, as well as for cable events. It delivers massive pop and it is best suited for expert and pro riders, but can accommodate intermediate advanced ones too.

If you need a kiteboard that virtually explodes out on the water, the Tona Pop is a great choice for you. It is perfect for advanced kite and cable training as well as for competing in world class wakestyle and freestyle events. The Pop features a wider and rounder outline, with straighter cut tips. This shape makes it very maneuverable in flat waters and assures a superior early planing performance.

A static rocker is used to maximize pop and propel the board upwind at faster speeds. The stiffer flex pattern generates incredible pop and allows you ride the kite or cable aggressively. The bottom combines concave sections with special channels. This design assures a smooth and fast glide plus excellent grip. As a matter of fact, the Pop can be ridden finless without problems.

This unique bottom contour makes the board agile and explosive. The Tona Pop is equipped with 0.8″ Ramp fins. These fins are long and shallow, so they have a perfect bite and also allow you hit sliders and kickers without worrying that you’ll break them.