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Underground FLX 2011

Underground FLX 2011

Kiteboard Model: FLX
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Underground
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

132x39 cm

135x41 cm

138x43 cm


As freeride has become the most popular kiteboarding style over the past seasons, it gathers a large number of enthusiasts. The number of freeriders grows fast, but so do their needs for an efficient, dedicated board which can help them achieve outstanding performances. The Underground team knows that, and it has come up with the perfect solution for them. It is the FLX board, which has been designed to take freeride to a whole new level.

The board is fast and has plenty of pop, but it is easy to use and control at the same time, so any rider can enjoy a great session. The board is based on a new construction technology and it features some innovative tweaks which guarantee both performance and fun out in the waves.

If you love freeride, you must love the new FLX board created by Underground. The board went through an extensive process of research and development, it is built using the latest technology and the best materials, and it is intended to meet the requirements of all freeriders out there. The FLX is designed with an ergonomic shape, featuring curved and compact outlines and batwing shaped tips. This innovative profile provides explosive pop and excellent stability at the same time. The thinner tips allow the rider to tackle any wave with no effort at all and assure top control.

The Underground team has managed to implement the perfect flex into the FLX, so it is very responsive, it has awesome power and it offers a direct control. The board is quite powerful, it offers high jumps and nice hangtime, it can reach an impressive speed, but it is predictable and reliable at all times. It can be used in light wind conditions without problems and it is snappy and efficient if the wind picks up. The 3D ABS rails assure effortless edging and enhance the steering response. The 3D deck spreads the weight pressure evenly throughout the board to optimize the stability in all wind conditions.

The fast rocker improves significantly the acceleration and upwind abilities of the board and allows the rider to reach an intense top speed. The board has an excellent power release and extra stability at high speeds due to the use of a quad concave bottom design. 50 mm G10 fins are used for extra grip at top speed and in tight turns. The Underground FLX is not only powerful and accurate, but also very comfortable. The 3D deck, combined with the soft and solid straps and pads allow the rider to feel right at home out on the water. The board also features adjustable stance options, so the rider can choose the position which suits him best and offers extra comfort.

Underground has built the FLX on a Paulownia Wood core, with additional carbon and Biax glass laminate layups. This construction increases the tensile strength and flex response and assures a super light structure. The FLX is coated with a digital printed TPU skin which prevents UV light and scratch damage. Underground FLX is available in three sizes and color schemes and comes complete with binding system, fins and grab handle.

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