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Underground Race 2010

Underground Race 2010

Kiteboard Model: Race
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Underground
Best For
Board sizes

Length and width
190 x 50cm

  • Directional board meant for course racing
  • Great upwind and downwind performance
  • A very stable board
  • Integrated fins
  • Lightweight polystyrene core strengthened with core cell rails
  • Paulownia wood veneer deck and base

If you’re thinking about taking part in competitions, board manufacturer Underground has three boards to offer. If you want to take part in freestyle competitions, Underground has the 2010 Styx to offer, a top performance, no nonsense freestyle board meant to be used by elite riders in competitions. This is a board that offers uncompromising freestyle performance - has tons of pop, soars high into the air, and goes like stink.

If you want to take part in speed races, Underground has the 2010 Speed to offer, an asymmetrical twin-tip board that has been specifically designed for flat-out blasting, a board that can help you reach 50knot speeds.

Last but not least, if you’re thinking about taking part in course races, Underground has the 2010 Race to offer. This is a dedicated thoroughbred meant to help you unleash your competitive spirit on the race course. Designed by Mike Zajicek and Chip Wasson, the 2010 Race is fast, has incredible upwind and downwind performance, has a very stable centre of gravity, features integrated fins, and features a lightweight but durable construction.

As Underground explained “racers are born – not made – and this one is born to perform.”