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Underground Race 2011

Underground Race 2011

Kiteboard Model: Race
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Underground
Best For
Board sizes

183x59 cm


The first Race board model released by Underground has proven to be a real success. It was intended to offer a very fast ride and perform outstanding in any competition. Riders across the Globe loved the way this board performs, the incredible speed and excellent control it offers, so Underground has decided to continue this legacy in 2011 with a new Race board. The new version is tweaked to reach even a higher speed and offer better control. The 2011 Underground Race is based on an innovative technology and it is constructed from the best available fabrics and it is guaranteed to meet the requirements of the most demanding riders out there.

• Epoxy sandwich technology
• Polystyrene core
• Multiple stance options
• Custom fin setup
• Improved upwind and downwind performance


Kiteboarding has become a very popular extreme sport and we are most likely to see it as an Olympic discipline soon. It would be great to see the world’s greatest kiteboarders perform and the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016. Until then, the next best thing it is competition racing. Racers need a dedicated board, which blends speed with control and can help them secure the first podium position. Underground knows that and it has come up with the perfect solution for them, the Race board.

Race is a great choice for any racing enthusiast, regardless of skill level. It has the power to get advanced riders run at an amazing velocity and it is user friendly, so even beginners and intermediate riders can enjoy a fun race or progress to a new level. The board features a wider shape with longer outlines. It has a narrower, rounded nose and a square outline. This profile allows it to float very nice and offer a drag free and very fast ride. At the same time it can support a heavier rider and gives the rider enough surface for optimal comfort. It can be powered up and runs fast in light winds and it feels very reliable if the wind picks up.

Underground has constructed the Race on a Polystyrene core with PVC foam reinforcements and using an Epoxy sandwich technology. This structure makes it very light and durable and assures increased tensile strength and longitudinal stability. The Underground Race has impressive upwind and downwind performance and impressive acceleration. It feels very agile from the first moment it is set on the water. It reaches a high top speed, but it is easy to control and feels very stable in all wind and wave conditions. The rider can perform any maneuver without worrying about losing control and is totally safe. The board uses a tri fin configuration which optimizes the power release and assures perfect grip.

Excellent comfort is provided by the multiple stance options, from which the rider can choose the best suited one. The soft and easy to adjust straps add extra comfort and assure a perfect connection between rider and board. If you love racing you need a top racing machine, and the Underground Race is the perfect choice for you.