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Wainman Cruzer 2013

Wainman Cruzer 2013

Kiteboard Model: Cruzer
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Wainman
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The Cruzer is a board that makes kiteboarding accessible to anyone. It will appeal especially for entry level rides that want to learn the secrets of kiteboarding or progress, as well as for casual riders who enjoy a comfortable cruise out on the water. It is also a board that packs good power to keep up with any rider and he or she progresses and starts throwing more complex tricks or charge harder.

As the guys at Wainman Hawaii say, the Cruzer is your best buddy out on the water. It takes care of all of your needs. This is a versatile and forgiving all-round kiteboard, perfect for beginner and intermediate riders. And it is also a board that runs great in a wide range of conditions. The Cruzer offers the perfect balance between performance and forgiveness. It features a freeride friendly shape with rounded outline, which makes it quick to plane and easy to ride upwind.

It features a 3D bottom shape, with a single, constant concave from tip to the tip. This bottom profile assures a better rail control and release, but also enhances stability and makes the ride smoother in rougher conditions. The deck is also 3D shaped, to ensure maximum comfort and allow the rider control the board with ease. The profile outline is optimized to deliver perfect carves. The W shaped tips assure soft and predictable landings and prevent spray to the face. The looser rocker provides speed and perfect control. It is a rocker that enhances the board with great freestyle potential.

Wainman has crafted the Cruzer using a full wood sandwich construction, bonded with highest quality epoxy resin and strongest fiberglass materials, plus ABS rail. It makes the board strong and very responsive and generates a softer flex for maximum comfort.