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Wainman Gambler 2011

Wainman Gambler 2011

Kiteboard Model: Gambler
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Wainman
Best For
Board sizes

5'7" x 19.5"
5'10" x 20"


There are riders who love the feeling of a twin tip kiteboard and riders who are closer to surf and demand a directional board to satisfy their needs. Wainman has created the 2011 board line based on this principle and has crafted boards which meet the requirements of both categories. The Joke and Blunt are excellent twin tip models, while the Gambler, Magnum and Passport are great for the riders who wish to run in surf style. The Gambler is an awesome sailing machine and is enhanced to deliver both fun and performance. It is fast and powerful, but easy to handle and user friendly at the same time. Take it for a spin and you will love the way it performs.

The 2011 Wainman Gambler has been designed according to the highest quality and performance standards and it is intended to take kitesurfing to a whole new dimension. The Wainman team has focused on improved usability and has made a great job. The board packs pop and power, but it is forgiving and can be used by any rider. The advanced kitesurfer will love the tight turns, high jumps and extra speed it offers, while the less experienced one will appreciate the superb control and stability. The hydrodynamic shape and narrower outline assure a drag free and very smooth glide.

The board has optimal volume and plenty of surface so it floats really nice and can support a heavier rider. The swallowed fish like tail provides optimal power release and increases the steering response. The rider has plenty of pop and can perform lifts and jumps with no effort at all. The surfboard outline and improved rocker increase overall control as well as the planning and upwind abilities.

The board offers outstanding performance in most wind and wave conditions. Even in high waves, the rider has absolute control and can perform any move he wishes. The board can also be powered up in light winds and reaches a fast speed in no time. It accelerates fast, but it is reliable and keeps the rider safe at all times. Due to the strap system and deck pad the rider is securely attached to it. The double concave bottom design in the middle area is complemented by a single concave in the tail. This way, the Wainman Gambler offers extra stability and plenty of grip in the tightest turns. The new construction technology used by Wainman balances very well the weight to strength ratio and assures both light weight and extra durability.

The board can be used with a fin setup which optimizes the power delivery and adds extra grip. The soft and easy to adjust strap system provides exceptional comfort and safety throughout the entire session. The Wainman Gambler is available in two sizes and comes as a complete package with fins, deck pad, straps and bag.