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Xenon Rayo 2010

Xenon Rayo 2010

Kiteboard Model: Rayo
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Xenon
Best For
Board sizes

145 x 44 cm

138 x 42 cm

134 x 41 cm

130 x 40 cm


Xenon is a highly acclaimed kiteboard manufacturer. Their team makes no compromise when it comes to the development of any new model and uses the latest technology and the best fabrics to make sure it will meet the highest quality and performance standards. Rayo board is the new board released by Xenon, and intended to suit all riders, regardless of style and skill. It performs outstanding in most wind and wave conditions, it offers high performance and it is fun to ride.

• EVA Memory pads
• 100% Wood core
• All-round performance
• Moderate flex
• Lightweight construction

Kiteboarding is not always about competition and hardcore maneuvers. Of course there are extreme riders who love to push their limits to the maximum and love to perform spectacular moves, but there are also riders who don’t have their skills and enjoy a relaxing ride and wish to have fun out on the waves. The Rayo board is ready to meet the needs of both rider types. It has the power, speed and pop an advanced rider is looking for, and it is forgiving and easy to handle at the same time, so the beginner rider can use it without hassle.

The board features a hydrodynamic shape combined with rounded this and parallel outlines. This profile makes it agile, but also very stable and easy to control. The moderate flex of the board allows the rider to perform any move he wishes, while the Rayo acts predictable and gives him confidence. The high rocker increases the planning and upwind abilities as well as the accuracy at high speeds. The board jumps high and offers extra hangtime, but the great thing about it is that it offers smooth landings.

The Rayo has plenty of surface, so it feels very comfortable under your feet. At the same time it is easy to power up in light winds and runs pretty fast. If the wind picks up, there is no problem, because the Rayo is stable, safe and reliable. The board accelerates nicely and goes upwind pretty fast, without too much edging. The rider can perform any maneuver without worrying about losing control. The board is equipped with EVA memory pads and easy adjustable straps with nylon cambers which assure excellent binding and extra comfort through the entire session.

Xenon has built the Rayo using a full Wood core combined with Biax fiber glass layups. This structure makes it bullet proof and light, and assures optimal flex response at the same time. Xenon Rayo is available in four sizes, and comes as a complete package with find, straps, pads and grab handle. It is the perfect board for all riders and guarantees extra fun and performance on the water.