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Xenon Rayo 2011

Xenon Rayo 2011

Kiteboard Model: Rayo
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Xenon
Best For
Waveriding  Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

130 x 40 cm

134 x 41 cm

138 x 42 cm

145 x 44 cm


As kiteboarding has become a highly appreciated and popular extreme sport, a lot of enthusiasts have started practicing it. The differences between the pro and novice riders are major, and they require special equipment dedicated to their needs. This way, the pro riders can win any competitions, while the novice ones can progress and reach a pro level. The new 2011 Rayo from Xenon is the perfect board for the second category. It is forgiving, user friendly, easy to handle and totally safe. It can offer a relaxing and fun cruise, but it has sufficient pop, speed and power for the riders looking to progress and reach new skills.

Xenon is a highly appreciated kiteboarding gear manufacturer. Over the years it has impressed with the top performance and quality models it has released on the market. The 2011 board line is not an exception and features a new series of models which are guaranteed to impress. If you have just picked up the basics of kiteboarding, or have some skills but wish to go further and gain new ones, Rayo is the perfect choice for you.

It is the board which offers fun and performance at the same time and it is a nice all-round player with great freestyle potential. The board is stiffer and features wider stance options. This way the rider can control it with little or no effort at all and can tackle any wave. The parallel outlines and slightly rounded tips make it very forgiving and offer a smooth and fast glide. Xenon Rayo has excellent upwind potential, it accelerates fast and reaches a nice speed. At the whole time it is stable and feels very lively.

It can be used in a large range of wind and wave conditions and performs very predictable. The increased rocker and full outline allow the rider to experience nice jumps and speeds, but keep the board steady. It uses a variable flex, so the steering response is accurate and the rider can perform any maneuver he wishes without worrying about losing control. It turns and rotates nice and smooth, and the new bottom design assures extra stability. The EVA pads and nylon cambers Light straps are easy to adjust and soft, and they assure optimal binding as well as plenty of comfort. The Rayo is equipped with 54mm G10 Xe fins which optimize the power delivery, minimize drag and assure excellent grip the entire ride.

The Xenon Rayo is engineered using a full Wood core, combined with Biax fiber glass layups. This construction balances the weight to strength ratio and assures optimal stiffness as well as flex response. The Rayo has awesome freestyle potential for the beginner and intermediate rider, but can be used for any other style. It is available in four sizes and comes complete with fins, straps and pads.