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Zeeko Slash 2012

Zeeko Slash 2012

Kiteboard Model: Slash
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Zeeko
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The 2012 Zeeko kiteboarding line has finally been released. Zeeko fans already used to the 2011 equipment will be pleased to know that the Zeeko team has worked hard to improve their riding experience in 2012 by introducing new tweaks and technologies intended to improve the overall performance of the Zeeko products. The Slash is Zeeko’s premier waveriding board. It blends power and speed with ultimate control and it can be used in various conditions.

• Designed by Jade Coco
• Boxy Rails
• Quad Fin Configuration
• Double Concave
• 3D Pads
• Double Thrusts

The 2012 Zeeko Slash is one of the most versatile waveriding kiteboards available today. Waveriding is a demanding discipline and requires talent, determination and good gear, and that is why the Zeeko team has crafted the board using the latest technology and according to the highest quality standards. The board runs great in real world wave conditions and it is reliable and accurate even in huge chop.

The curved nose allows the rider to tackle any wave and assures good control when he performs extreme moves. The thinner board profile makes the Slash a good lightwind weapon and generates a fast and smooth glide in the lightest breeze. The hydrodynamic shape of the board generates optimal power release and assures improved control. A double concave bottom design provides excellent stability and allows the rider to surf in choppy water without problems. A progressive scoop makes the ride in choppy waves even more comfortable.

The boxy rails assure top control in all conditions and maintain a constant speed through bottom turns. The Zeeko Slash is equipped with a quad fin configuration which generates extra speed and improves the grip. The board can be tuned to suit specific riding needs by adjusting the fin positions. A great thing about the Slash is that it can be used with or without straps. It can be equipped with symmetrical, easy adjustable straps or used without them. The 3D pads provide extra grip for the feet, while the double thrusts lock the front and back foot for better strapless control.

The Zeeko Slash is perfect for extreme riders looking to conquer huge waves, as well as for less experienced ones looking to enjoy a nice recreational cruise in calm waters. It is available in a 5’8’’ size only and it can be purchased with or without straps.