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Core Riot XR 2010

Core Riot XR 2010 Kite Review

Sizes: 15m  13.5m  12m  8m  11m  10m  9m  7m  6m  5m
Kite Type: SLE
Best For: Waveriding  Freestyle  Freeride
Brand: Core

Control Bar

ESP Bar System is designed to offer the ultimate performance and usability. ESP equals Ejector – Safety- Performance. It is highly durable and all wear and tear parts are affordable and easy to replace. The bar provides accurate and faster response, safer depower and relaunch and intuitive use.

- Shorter fifth line for better relaunch
- Easy to set up lines
- Lines are attached directly to the adjuster
- Ergonomic design
- Anti twist line system
- Individual steering lines positions

5m: 24-45 knots

6m: 20-40 knots

7m: 16-35 knots

8m: 14-33 knots

9m: 12-30 knots

10m: 11-28 knots

11m: 10-26 knots

12m: 9-24 knots

13.5m: 8-22 knots

15m: 7-20 knots