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Latest Kite Reviews

Slingshot Z 2014
  Z kite  by: joe
pros: solid power delivery, good hangtime, responsive steering, super quick relaunch cons: increased bar pressure, depower line is not easy to trim, extra edging to get upwind
Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 2014
  I'll get myself one!  by: Helix
I tried the 12m Prodigy twice. It's a great kite in lighter winds. It's so light and responsive that I couldn't believe it. It generates apparent wind with such an ease that it feels...
North Evo 2014
  Evo 2014  by: Jan
Fast turning (kiteloops), excelent hangtime, stabile in gusts
Cabrinha Velocity VMG 2014
  extreme racing kite  by: lydell
I'm not a true racer, so probably I can't fully appreciate the performance of this kite. But since I like fast freeride sessions, I took the chance to test it for fun. Dan, fast is little...
Ozone Catalyst 2014
  Nice ride  by: roland
It is a very balanced kite. Great for freestyle and freeride. Power delivery is solid, but not very explosive. It can be handled easily. It goes upwind fast and boosts really nice. The lift is quite...
Ozone C4 2014
  freestyler  by: archer
Definitely a freestyle c-kite that delivers! I rode the 2013 and 2011 C4s and they were awesome. Huge boosts, awesome unhook, massive power and perfect loops. Thumbs up for them. Haven;t tried the...
RRD Religion MKIV 2014
  Improvements  by: rack
They're better than last year. The 9m Religion delivers less power, but in a smoother way and feels lighter in the air. It doesn't have an extreme punch, but power is constant. It's...
Ocean Rodeo Flite 2014
  8 knots  by: luigi
Same excellent performance in 8 knots. It feels a little nimble until you start getting some apparent wind, but otherwise, the pull is constant, you get some nice boosting power and floaty hangtime...
StarKites Taina 2014
  Taina 12  by: crane
Got my hands on the Taina this weekend. It's a solid kite, well built and not very expensive. Low aspect, three struts and swept wingtips. Up in the air it's stable and steers very well...
Slingshot Turbine 2014
  Slingshot's beast  by: gore
It's a pretty expensive kite, but it's worth every dime if you kite in light winds. It's one of the most user friendly kites I've tried. It is easy to set up, launch and ride....