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Latest Kite Reviews

Cabrinha Contra 2014
  freeride lightwind  by: juan
It's a very light kite for its size and gets up really quick in the air. In the air it feels like its smaller. It delivers just the power you expect. Solid and smooth. It's a kite that can...
North Dyno 2014
  race and freerace kite  by: chhetar wahip
Yep, you are mostly right. It's a kite with massive racing potential. Best for advanced intermediate riders and expert ones. It packs a punch! It rips upwind and has massive low end, but it...
RRD Vision MKIII 2014
  rides just fine  by: verhainer rembrer
It's a very good kite for beginners and intermediate riders in my opinion. It's easy to steer and power up really quickly. It is predictable and bar feedback is smooth and accurate. It goes...
Takoon Furia 2013
  It runs OK, but not in gusts  by: ram
these french kites deliver a decent performance in a limited wind range. the furia has well balanced boost and speed and a reliable turning performance till it reaches upper or lower end. in the...
Gaastra Spark 2014
  Gaastra Spark 16m  by: Christian
Very powerful and stable kite. Excellent upwindperfomance. Easy to pump up. Also very good on snow. You can ride with it on snow from 6Knots upwards. Very good kite for a very good price ! Good work...
Zeeko Krush 2014
  krush quick test  by: jm
I briefly tested the Krush 7m 2014. It is more rigid in the air and stabler than the previous version. Power is very good. It flies fast upwind and has a solid traction. Realunch is ok and depower...
Ocean Rodeo Flite 2014
  Flite 17  by: crespo
More than decent performance in 10 knots. I expected the kite to be a little slow in turns and upwind, but that's not the case. The kite has a very good low end, it builds power easily to get...
North Neo 2014
  powerful  by: lenny
If you like powerful wave rides, go with the Neo. It delivers instant power and you can charge like crazy. It turns fast and has very good depower, relaunch and drift abilities. In strong winds it...
Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 2014
  perfect for surf  by: jermaine
The new Prodigy performs outstanding. It's a freeride/wave kite. No doubt it has great freeride potential - it boosts big airs, it is fast and goes upwind in an second - but I just love how it...
Switch Kites Nitro 3 2014
  hHang time!  by: S J
Stopped using TT 3 years ago and are now a dedicated strapless wave guy. Had a go out of boredom on the 12 with my 5 year old TT and rediscovered the big air addiction. Never jumped as high and...