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Latest Kite Reviews

Airush DNA LW 2011
  Fun!  by: Karen
This kite is so easy to fly, that it will remind you of the days you were in school. Don’t expect incredible speed and power from it, but lots and lots of fun. It is a light wind model, meaning that...
Airush Vapor X 2011
  Fast, good for racing  by: joeyb
Vapour X is the kite you wish to take racing. It is incredible fast. You don’t need to be a pro to ride it, but it is recommended to have some skills. The thing is that it accelerates very fast and...
Ocean Rodeo Razor 2011
  All round solution  by: samir
This kite can be set up with a four or five line configuration. It is stable and has a smooth control. It is easy to depower and relaunch. It’s good for beginners and good for advanced riders....
Slingshot RPM 2011
  Competition made  by: cora
The thing you think of when flying the RPM is pure power, and you might get scared that you won’t be able to hold onto it much longer. That is if you are a novice. If you love hardcore rider this...
Takoon Soul 2011
  Good kite  by: joeyb
I love the 2011 Soul. I’ve tried the demo and it is impressive. Lots of power for the hardcore enthusiast and supreme control. Easy to inflate, easy to launch and good maneuverability. I find it a...
Best Taboo 2011
  Powerful, but reliable  by: kris
It is powerful enough, but I wouldn’t say it is aggressive. Smaller models are quite forgiving and respond very well to commands. Even the 12 square meters one flies nicely, goes upwind easy and it...
Fluid Ego 2011
  Fast kite  by: joeyb
Yep, easy to use kite, easy to use bar, but only if you know a little about kitesurfing. Otherwise I find it a bit difficult to relaunch and too fast. It is stable and it has a direct control, but...
Liquid Force Envy
  Beginner Nirvana  by: Jose Young
This kite is exceptionally good for the beginner. You don't need mad skills to take this kite out and have a fun session. Riding this kite is as easy as eating toast in the morning... I don...
Ozone Zephyr
  Stranded on the beach? No way!  by: pinkdarling
With my 17m Zephyr there’s no way I’m left stranded on the beach when the wind decided to take it easy and blow softly, oh so softly. When they see me with my Zephyr, some people ask me: isn’t that...
Airush DNA 2009
  Solid performance  by: bogdan
Beginners and advanced riders alike will love the Airush DNA. The one pump inflation and three strut configuration make it very easy to set up. Once launched it has progressive power deployment, so...