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Latest Kite Reviews

Nobile N62 2009
  Good recreational ride  by: Michel
The N62 is very easy to set up. Up in the air the kite is dynamic and easy to handle. It has no drag and no back stall. It also turns fast, but quite sudden. If you do not hold the bar quite tight,...
RRD Obsession 2009
  RRD Obsession got me obsessed  by: Panjab
RRD has always produced performance kites. The 2009 Obsession makes no exception. If you like freestyle, you will like the Obsession. It is as simple as that. It has the low end and upwind potential...
Naish Helix 2009
  Just what I need  by: Orlando
It is a fairly good kite. It does anything you expect it to do. The Helix responds to any command, it is stable, fast and has enough power for a fast ride or extreme tricks. It turns fast, it is easy...
Gin Nazca 2 2009
  Strong and reliable  by: blaster
Nazca 2 is both comfortable and efficient. I’m not sure that Gin wanted to create an all round kite, but it managed to do that. It is forgiving and easy to use even in windy conditions and has all...
Eclipse Thruster 2009
  Pro and competition performance  by: Crazy Me
For advanced freestyle and wave riding tricks and pro competitions, the Eclipse Thruster is a perfect kite. For casual riding and relaxing session it is not the best choice. It powers up like a...
North Rhino 2009
  Good lightwind performance  by: Armando
When there is no wind you can still ride. Sounds too good to be true? Try the North Rhino. It is the kind of kite which is agile and dynamic at all times. It is a great choice for competition as it...
Best Team C Yarga 2009
  Super powerful  by: amihal
The Team Yarga is a powerful machine. If you do not have experience it is best to stay away from it. I’m not saying that it does not have awesome performance for the pro and advanced rider, but for...
Flysurfer Pulse 2 2009
  Al terrain kite  by: amihal
The Pulse 2 is efficient on all terrain. It is a highly durable kite, made from top quality fabrics. Even crashed and dragged through water, sand or icy snow it is not going to get damaged. The heavy...
2008 Airush Flow kite review
  Good and steady performance  by: Sir Kiter
The 2008 Flow is quite an all round kite. If you fuel it up it is powerful and fast enough to perform any trick. At the same time it is stable and has a very responsive control. The low bar pressure...
HQ Neo 2 2010
  Smooth kite  by: bogdan
I’ve taken the Neo 2 for a short ride. It is stable, has decent power and turns nicely. I didn’t have the chance of performing any loops and jumps due to the low wind speed. The depower works fine,...