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Latest Kite Reviews

Best Kahoona V2 2010
  Great for progression  by: Insane Dog
The Kahoona V2 is user friendly and powerful at the same time. If you are not a very experienced rider you should stick to the recommended size and wind range, as you could get the kite easily...
Airush Lithium LW 2010
  Excellent for LW  by: Just me
The 2010 Lithium LW does exactly what it is intended to do. It flies fast in light wind conditions. It is easy to set up, easy to launch and quite easy to handle. It has a total depower feature for...
Ozone Instinct Light XC 2009
  Easy to use and safe  by: Rico
It is one of the kites suited for beginner and intermediates. It has a robust construction and even if you crash it or drag it a lot of times you won’t have to worry about damage. It is light, easy...
Airush Lithium 2010
  Good and stable performance  by: I Luv Kiting
The 2010 Lithium feels very safe and reliable from the first moment you launch it. It has enough power to get you running fast or jumping high, but it is really forgiving. Steering is comfortable and...
2008 Liquid Force Havoc kite review
  Good and Solid  by: Bonzai
Out of the bag, the 2008 Liquid Force Havoc impresses with the high quality fabrics from which it is manufactured. I am looking at a 2008 kite model, which is not new. Actually it had many long rides...
2008 Naish Cult kite review
  Smooth and fun  by: Michael Gord
I love the Cult because it is very user friendly. Fresh out of kiteboarding school and you can set it up and fly it without problems. You can use it on water or land and it is fun and easy to ride....
2008 North Vegas kite review
  Oldies but goldies  by: Corales
When it has designed the 2008 Vegas, the people at North wanted to make a statement: C-kite shaped kites are not dead. They have done a good job, and The Vegas is powerful and maneuverable. It will...
RRD Type 9 2008
  Increased traction  by: Joao
If you want a kite that does it all you can try the RRD Type 9. For me it works great, except tht if the wind picks op it has quite a harsh pull. If you use it in the appropriate wind range it should...
JN Prima Donna 2 2009
  Auto stabilizing feature  by: bogdan
The 2008 Prima Donna 2 has a bit of everything. A bit more perhaps. Good relaunch and depower, good speed and power, excellent stability. You can take it out for a freestyle and wave riding session...
Cabrinha Switchblade 3 2008
  Excellent  by: Mike
Always a fan of Cabrinha. The mix of user friendly features and power that the Cabrinha kites have are very nice. The Switchblade 3 may be an older kite model but it is reliable and offers great...