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Latest Kite Reviews

Best Waroo 2008
  Good model  by: cardoso
The 2008 Waroo impresses due to its stability and maneuverability in most wind conditions. Besides that it turns fast and it can be easily relaunched in case it is crashed. I didn’t try a new model,...
Blade Vertigo 2008
  All in one  by: Iky
The 2008 Blade Vertigo is a good choice for many styles. It has speed and power and seems very user friendly. It is very customizable and you can set it up on a four or five line configuration. It is...
JN Mr. Fantastic 2009
  Decent performance  by: joao
The design of the Mr. Fantastic is focused on usability. The kite as a simple set up and it is easy to handle once it is up and running. I wasn’t very impressed by the speed and jumping potential,...
Fluid Ego
  Good performance  by: dorian
The Fluid Ego seems like a very good all round kite. It has a bit of everything. It has excellent control een in high winds, it is stable and will get you jumping quite high. I was amazed to see how...
North Rebel
  Good quality, good price  by: el Cid
The Rebel is indeed a very solid kite. It might even seem a bit bulky whey you take it out of the bag, but I guess it’s my impression. It is easy to set up and easy to fly. The 8m model is stable and...
North Rebel
  Greet for freeride  by: Jose Young
I agree with pinkdarling that the Rebel is a top performance freeride machine. KiteWorld Mag, my favorite kiteboarding mag, said in their review of the Rebel that it is Well made, incredibly...
North Rebel
  What's not to like  by: pinkdarling
What's not to like about this kite? It offers top all-terrain freeride and wave performance, that would be one nice thing about it. It is made from incredibly durable materials so you don’t...
Wainman Smoke
  That’s why  by: serje
When people ask me way I got a Smoke, this is what I tell them: - I love the graphics. In my eyes this is the best looking kite I’ve ever seen. You may think otherwise. If we all likd the same...
Airush Vapor 2 2008
  Great Old Timer  by: Priceless
Just got my hands on a Vapor 2. The good thing about it is that it can be used in pretty much any wind range and it is quite stable. It has excellent control and offers nice power and speed. It is a...
Epic Screamer
  It is Epic  by: amihal
I might say that you need to be quite an experienced rider to use the Epic Screamer. It is quite powerful and it will get you jumping very high. It also offers increased hangtime. If you love to...