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Latest Kite Reviews

Cabrinha Convert IDS 2009
  Fun and performance  by: dora
I love the Cabrinha Convert. I’ve used both 2010 and 2009 models and they are astonishing. The 2009 is easy to set up, easy to launch and offers tons of fun out on the waves. It has excellent control...
Vari Condor One 2009
  A Strong One  by: Gorge Rider
The first thing I noticed about the Condor One is that it has a robust design. Out of the bag it seems quite heavy, but once you get up in the air it feels agile and light. The 9m model offers a nice...
Slingshot RPM
  Upwind issue  by: bogdan
It worked fine for me. The upwind problem is there, but an 8m model in around 25 knots goes upwind easier. The kite performs nice for different styles and offers quite a boost. I’m curious if you...
Slingshot Fuel
  The Dragster of Kites  by: Jacob Dreseg
The 2010 Fuel has tons of power and it is incredible fast. If you are not an experienced hardcore rider or a pro one, it is most likely that you won’t be able to handle the huge amount of power it...
RRD Addiction
  Extra Power  by: geo
The RRD Addiction is perfect for the rider who needs an extra power boost. It offers high jump and massive hangtime. I would not recommend it for a novice or first time kitesurfer. Although it is...
Liquid Force Envy
  Fun and reliable  by: bogdan
With the Liquid Force Envy you can do pretty much anything. That means that if you need extra performance for competitions or hardcore riding you get that and if you wish to have a fun, recreational...
Wainman Bunny
  Rocket Bunny  by: kite
Do not laugh at the Bunny. This kite is powerful and solid. Actually it is intended for high wind conditions. Close to 35 knots, the Bunny is more like a rocket. It has extra low end and offers...
Flexifoil Ion
  Great all rounder  by: Mercer
You just have to love the Flexifoil Ion. I took it out for a ride and couldn’t find any flaws for this model. Out off the bag it may seem a little difficult to set up, but once you get to it you find...
Globe Trix
  The Trix  by: Outdoor Adventures
Both the 2009 and the 2010 Trix kites are fast and accurate. The 2010 model is a bit faster and has an increased control. You can feel that when the wind picks up, and the kite is stable and fast...
Epic Renegade
  Reliable performance  by: Gaijin
The great thing about the Renegade is that you can get it up in the air and running fast in low wind conditions. It has a one pump system for inflation, and although at first the valve didn’t seem...