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Latest Kite Reviews

Blade Prime 2010
  Powerful Toy  by: Golden Boy
The Blade Prime really impressed me with the power and traction force it offers. Perhaps it was a bit windy for the 9m model, but the Prime really holds awesome power. In 30+ wind speed, the 9m model...
RRD Passion
  All round Fun  by: cory
The 2010 RRD Passion will strike you as an incredible fun and efficient flying machine. From the first moment when you take it out of the bag you will notice the smooth and strong cloth of the canopy...
Naish Cult
  Excellent Quality  by: Carolina
I’ve always been a fan of Naish kites. The Cult is definitely worth its money. It has a great all round performance and can be used on any terrain. I’ve used it on snow and water and it really...
North Neo
  Fun and Performance  by: nora
I must agree that the Neo is a quite fun and easy to use kite although it is quite large for kids. If you know the basics of kiteboarding and need good power, speed and maneuverability, this is the...
Takoon Pure
  Good deal  by: pacorelis
The Pure is a very responsive and efficient kite. If you are used to Takoon kite models, you know that the kite has excellent depower and relaunch abilities. The Pure does not have the same power of...
Wainman Smoke
  Great for progression  by: kane
Indeed, the Smoke is excellent in windy conditions. It has plenty of power and it is obedient. It pretty much does anything you ask it to do. Very, very stable and reliable. It is powerful and fast,...
Peter Lynn Impulse 2010
  Perfect for school and training  by: Ranger
If you are not an expert kiter, or you wish to learn kiteboarding this is the kite for you. Don’t be fooled when you see it is available only in 2 and 3 meters sizes. It has all the power you need...
Cabrinha Convert IDS 2010
  Converted  by: the prince
Cabrinha has really done a great job with the new IDS features. The 201o Convert is now something else. I’ve never seen a kite which is so efficient and easy to use. You practically make no effort...
Airush Varial 2010
  Good kite  by: bogdan
I don’t know what technology Airush has used when it has built the Varial, but it has done a pretty good job. It is easy to control, it is easy to relaunch and depower, it is fast when you need it to...
Best Taboo 2011
  Extra power  by: Jardel
If you need extra traction power in light wind situations you should choose the Taboo V2. It generates quite some power and will get you running very fast across the water. The thing about the Best...