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Latest Kite Reviews

Windwing Batwing
  The Bat  by: carmen
The first thing I noticed about this kite is that it has a rock solid construction. It has a lot of reinforcements, but feels quite light and it is very snappy in the air. In under 15 knots, the 12m...
Flysurfer Speed 3 2010
  My Lightwind Kite of Choice  by: serje
When I feel like going kiting but the wind isn’t as powerful as I would want it to be, I get my 15m Speed 3. With this incredible light wind machine I know I am going to have fun. I mean, what’s not...
Nobile T5 V1.0 2010
  If KW Mag likes it, I do to  by: Jose Young
Kiteworld put the 10m one to the test and liked “the all-in one, want-for-nothing nature” of the kite. They said that the T5 may sound dull on paper because the kite makes your kiteboarding life easy...
Fluid Vice 2011
  Wakestyle and Freestyle  by: Rush
This is a very good freestyle and wakestyle kite for intermediate and advanced users. It can be tuned for high depower or C-kite feel. It is easy to set up and inflate (single pump). Can be used with...
Flexifoil Proton
  Very beginner friendly and very durable  by: Jose Young
I've thrashed it and bashed it and smashed it and crashed it while learning and the kite took it like a champion. I'm better now and i don't crash much.
Slingshot RPM
  Good, but...  by: mappetz
I've had this kite now for about a year and I've used it in different conditions. It's a great all around kite, but I have a huge problem with it when it comes to riding upwind. You...
Ozone C4
  All round performance for anyone  by: tecu
If you need an all round kite, you should take a look at the Ozone C4. It has awesome control, plenty of power and speed, it is dynamic and feels very lively in the air. This kite is easy to set up...
Takoon Chrono
  Performance based  by: adrian
The Takoon Chrono is perhaps one of the most powerful kites I’ve tried. Even in light wind situations it can get you planning and running fast. The larger size models can get quite aggressive, and...
North Neo
  Plenty of Fun!  by: mchendrean
If you need an easy to use kite which will offer you tons of fun on the waves, get the North Neo. The kite performs nice in almost all conditions, it is user friendly and accessible to anyone. Once...
Takoon Furia LTD
  Just like a Porsche  by: bogdan
The Takoon Furia LTD is quite the kite you need for freestyle and wave riding. The manufacturer really managed to pour power and control into this hybrid. If I were to compare it with a car it would...