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Latest Kite Reviews

Wainman Smoke
  The kite for good kiters  by: adrian
The Wainman Smoke is a very lively kite. It is easy to power up and reaches nice speeds. I like the improved stability and steering response it has, especially in windy conditions. It can feel quite...
Best Bularoo V2 2010
  Bularoo 11m  by: Ami
I agree that the kite is well built and feels solid. Best is well known for the high quality products it manufactures. Teh Bularoo flies fast and it is accurate. I haven't done any jumping with...
Airush Varial 2010
  Varial 9m  by: alina
The Airush Varial is one of the most stable kites I’ve ever tried. The new Active Conical Tension feature used by Airush really does its job. It makes the kite very responsive in turns and easy to...
Naish Bolt 2011
  Quality and Performance  by: reynolds
The Naish Bolt delivers exactly what you expect from it. It is fast, quite powerful and the control bar does its job great. In 20-22 knots wind speed the 10.5m model is incredible stable and reliable...
Naish Helix
  Perfect flat water kite  by: bogdan
I've tried the Helix in 17-20 knots wind speed and 30-50cm waves. It really performs nice. It has excellent traction force, but it seems a bit stiff in turns. Once you get used to it is this...
Cabrinha Switchblade IDS 2010
  SB rocks  by: parler
I'm no Andre Philip and I have much to learn about kiteboarding, but this kite really rocks. I can relaunch it in seconds, and it is easy to depower. I love that although I have a smaller size...
Best Waroo 2010
  I agree  by: Daniel CG
The 2010 one is indeed faster than my old Waroo and it goes higher than my old one. It is easier to relaunch and has better low-end power as well. The Waroo is one of the best all-round kites you...
Best Bularoo V2 2010
  It's all good  by: Daniel CG
I have nothing bad to say about this kite, only good words to say about it. It has the same exceptional all-round capabilities of the Waroo, it is well put together, it is tough enough to take the...
Best Kahoona V2 2010
  Best is the Best  by: Daniel CG
If you are a beginner you will like that it’s safe and stable and easy to use and built strong enough to take the punishment. If you are an advanced rider you will like that it is a versatile kite...
Airush Lithium 2010
  @Daniel CG  by: george
Trim the line length and your back-stall problems will be over. I like that this kite is very stable, it has great park and fly capabilities, has direct steering, and delivers power smoothly. One...