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Latest Kite Reviews

RRD Religion 2011
  Tough Kite  by: Elmer Fudd
The RRD Religion is a surf dedicated kite. It has a rugged construction and astonishing graphics. All critical parts are heavily reinforced with Dacron. When launched it has a light bar pressure...
StarKites ExA 2011
  New Starkites freestyle machine  by: kempowayne
I really like the bar. It keeps the kite under control and feels very comfortable. It also has a good grip. The ExA is what you need for huge loops and big airs. It is a freestyle kite, but...
Latitude Prelude 2011
  Prelude  by: wanted
The Prelude is a decent kite. It is good for beginner and intermediate riders that like freeride. it has a smooth traction, turns fast, has good pop and it is stable. Good performance, but average...
Flexifoil Proton 2011
  Good beginner kite  by: Istvan
The Proton has a predictable flight, a good depower range and it is easy to relaunch. It doesn't boost massive power but it can lift you quite nice. It can resist turning in high winds, but...
Slingshot Key HD 2011
  Good setup  by: Rino
the Key HD offers above the average performance. It is not the fastest kite out there, or a big booster, but it is easy to handle and stable. I'd say it is a good kite for beginners and...
Ozone Edge 2011
  Re: relaunch  by: Max
I see that you are looking for a 9m Edge, or seen the 9m edge. I tried the 9m, 11m and 13m ones. All of them are powerful and agile in a large wind range and have superior upwind performance. On the...
North Fuse 2011
  Fuse 7m and 9m  by: troublesome
In the air: very stable and has tons of power. Good acceleration and insane top speed. Feels almost like a race kite in high winds. Steering requires some input, but this is OK. I like to feel my...
Naish Park 2011
  Naish Park  by: Steve Macks
This is one of the kites that actually can be user-tuned and behave completely different, depending on settings. Set to power mode it turns very fast and gives you extra power for jumps and loops....
Ocean Rodeo Razor 2011
  Good low end  by: Micky
For an 8m kite the razor has impressive low end. It has a solid pull and excels at unhooked moves. Pop is explosive when unhooked. I guess new school freestylers know what I am saying. The kite...
North Fuse 2011
  The North Fuse  by: Prince
My first session with the Fuse is over. First overall impressions: It has plenty of power and goes upwind very nice. It is almost identical in construction with the Rebel. Turns quite fast....